1. When I Was God

From the recording It Took a Village


When I Was God  
Music and Lyrics by Steve Epley
When I was God, I was the light
I was the void, the morning and night
Then I was sky, I was the rain
The deep blue ocean, the fertile plain
But I could not see me at all
Then I became stars, the sun and moon
I played the ocean, a rhythmic tune
Then I was life, I drank the rain
I could feel pleasure. I could feel pain.
But I could not see me at all.
Then I was man—knew what I knew
I could make words, to talk with you.
We talked about good, talked about bad.
Talked about happy—talked about sad.
But we could not explain God at all.
Then I was me, making a life 
With my box of thoughts, the joy and strife.
Then I heard a voice, deep in my heart.
Take a new step, make new start.
So I faced my fears, cried all my tears.
Killed a few monsters between my ears,
And I found I imagined it all,
Yes, I found I imagined it all.
So now I am working, trying to wake up.
Trying to drink, from Her loving cup.
Trying to see, past this illusion,
Trying to be, past this confusion.
The truth is whisper, born in forever.
I listen in Silence, and try to remember….
When I was God, when I was God,
When I was God, when I was God.