1. Save the World

From the recording Co-Creator


Save the World
Music and Lyrics by Steve Epley
Say what you want to say, play what you want to play
You won’t save the world
Be what you want to be, see what you want to see
It’s already sacred ground

Everybody’s got a plan.  Everybody’s got a remedy.
Everybody’s got an answer.  Pick a philosophy.
We could be more rational.  More economically ethical.
Or we could come more from the heart.
It’s hard to know where a good world saver should start.

 (Repeat Chorus)

 Well maybe it’s more pacifism.  Maybe it’s more bombs.
Maybe it’s the groovy beat in your protest song.
Maybe it’s more capital.  Maybe we’re just animals.
Or maybe it’s a secret code.  You know the one all good world savers hold.

(Repeat Chorus)

 This world will never be more holy than it is today.
Sometimes the drama’s so real, but baby all the world’s a stage.
Now you may have some work to do in acting out your part.
Just don’t play the fool, my friend.  It’s been a wondrous world from the start.

(Repeat Chorus)