1. Co-Creator

From the recording Co-Creator



Co-Creator Lyrics and Music by Steve Epley This song is but an ornament,a pretty thing, a totem for your trip.This song is but a glass of wine,wonderful.  Kick back and have a sip. God is my co-creator.  We make the truth.God is my co-creator.  It’s all around me nowand all I see is living proof. So you’re looking for an answer,problem solved, a way to find your way.When you close your eyes and watch the noisewho is there having their say? God is your co-creator.  You make the truth.God is your co-creator.  It’s all around you nowand all you see is living proof. So we want a world where everybody gets to feaston peace and love and light.Well it’s right here in our open hearts, open minds.  
Come on and take a bite. God is our co-creator.  We make the truth.God is our co-creator.  It’s all around us now and all we see is living proof.