CD Review - 

From the precious conversation of the opening "Prelude" to the closing hallelujahs of "This Illusion", Co-Creator delivers a hopeful message of possibilities. Steve's blend of finely crafted songs pose meaningful questions while offering inspiring answers, giving us a glimpse through his personal prism - to a comforting place of promise. 


-Todd Gillette (Percussionist)


CD Review - 

What a fabulous guitarist and producer combined with a great vocalist, a Ph.D in English and a wise philosopher to write and record a multi-genre album with influences from the Beatles, Bill Joel, and the Beach Boys? Wait - They...err..he did! It's a trick, it's only one guy, Steve Epley, who is so skilled that he's playing with us while he's playing for us. What are the chances? One in a Million!

-Stan Slaughter (Musician and Eco-Troubadour)

Diverse vocal & instrumental stylings (Sir Paul x T. Rundgren) + Terrific musical writing + Reflective lyrics x ~ = Steve Epley

-Steve Rigazzi (Kansas City Bassist)